League's chatban system is Ridiculous

You wake up on your free day, weather sucks and your PC stares at you, tempting you to start up a game of league. Resistance is futile and there you are, in another champion select lobby with the best of people humankind has to offer. In game however, one player stands out a bit more than the others. He is spam pinging, raging super hard, and starts inting. The english language has certain words to describe these kinds of "people". Sadly, whenever you describe one of these persons using the correct words to describe them, you get a chat restriction. If Riot doesn't want any of these words to be used, they might as well censor them as a whole, because thats basically whats happening now indirectly. If someone is super annoying, toxic, and clearly inting, you should be able to call them an idiot or moron, because thats what they definitly are. But nope, instead of actually banning people making the game a worse place for everyone, the people calling them idiots get chat restricted. This system sincerely feels unfair and unjust, but I guess Riot just gives more shits about people being hurt over words than people actively ruining the game. tl;dr: Go ban inting toxic players, instead of people calling them out
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