Riot explain me this

There are 8 million peak concurrent players ,but how it comes that every time some people play ,just meet constant toxic behaviour , and people who grief/troll active/pasive , i mean everyone in this game play without interest ranked and they not even chase victory, most of them who say is just a game ,then i don't understand what's them point if they loss ranked game and make others loss games .. ,is really sad to watch ,how some people step in ranked , have no clue what they do in ranked ,neither riot about what they do in ranked , and you expect to have a civilizate community in games , asking people to be 100% calm/chill and never get angry ,cause is quitly sad to see same mistakes years in row ,from your team players who play this game ,and while you evolve and get better ,that dosn't necesary mean you will touch a better division , which actually means ,that every season you finish , your division you finish, is all about your luck in getting teams ,and just a bit about your skill , as you can be without mistakes playing and still loss games ,because is impossible to hold games right now , as much Riot balanced game in all lanes . Usuallly season 4-5-6 if i was a good adc , i was taking advantage hard by being good skilled ,now hundreds of reasons pull me back and lower my skill performance and Riot ignores that ... , autofill players are underperforming hard , and you nerfed support heroes , people play mage support heroes and have terrible skill, most of them angry/toxic/have no patience/knowdledge/grief/troll when they play support , and is or autofill support , or main support ,there are players and players , the quality into this game decreased extremly much , and the ADC ROLE SUFFERED A LOT BECAUSE OF THAT , BELIEVE ME , i one had in season 4-5-6 ,even 8-14 wins in row playing adc good , now i can't speak of same aspect of the game ,because Riot games in them attempt to balance ADC , they created a very stressful enviroment for ADC Main players ,and also lowered them chances to win games if they good players !!! . Now i know i shouldn't complain about balance ,but since there toxicity decrease hard your chances to win , and an autofill support dosn't look like a good thingh , even if it lower the amount of time you wait for games, cause believe me there ,are more toxic games because of autofill ,than if you would let people to chose and play what they want. If you would actually leave people to play support ,when they want a few games ,then this game would look much more better from the beginning ,because imagine now that you get autofill , you not prepared ,some people cry for other lanes , let them know when they will go autofill .. ,so they get prepared to play support at least , or idk they look some tutorials to be support... Put a main top , autofill unexpected support , so he dosn't even have time to decide what to play ,what champion of support counter x , what skill order, runes , how to play that support champion like.. ,combo plays/animation , build , what's important at being support etc... , i do no want to be a coach for every player who pass in my team , i don't think Riot pays me ,or should create such unpleasure enviroment to play ,considering some of us have high experience into this game ,believe me i get unbalanced teams as hell in ranked ,that's the reason i don't give a f1241 anymore , i just let Riot community to troll and be toxic /grief/play as they wish , in my opinnion Riot should understand what means to put someone autofill in a lane who don't know nothing about how to be good at that lane , and what means to put a high skilled adc next to someone who just not even wish to be support main ,or to play support good ,or to be there for you as adc to win the game !!! I started in the last 2 years to be more and more angry ... , the reason i get second permanent ban was same reason , that autofill concentrate so much stress inside a day of playing this game ,that i just can't hang to see hundreds of autofill constantly underperforming in my games, why you consider that normal ,and they consider that too , and some of it is banable ,some of it may not be ,but i bet you wouldn't like to have my experience in game , and be like playing at the low iron IV tier , cause of your support is so 0 that you just turn yourself in doing as much as he do ,you do nothing , and hell if i lie , even if i don't give my best is hard to demote gold , or to don't advance gold!!!. I grief/troll hundreds of games on my main account , and believe me , is hard to be out of gold , about platinum what to say , i touched like 8-9 times this season , is really sad ,what i turned to play this game like ,because i hoped about 5 years this game to turn on the right track , and there to don't be anymore so much indifference from players ,who turn to play ranked games ,and there is no change in them skill constantly ,neither the feel like they want to be good at this game , or to win and not to loss!!! . Tell me someone who tryes to be better than his oponnent ,everyone blames in the sides ,the team , i did years in row working on my gameplay hard ,and still what pays me that with ... , i lost any confidence and any purpose i should be the one who plays for 2-3-4 players... , so basically when i have games like that when i have to cover much more than my part , is extremly feeling like your are a race horse that pull your team to finish the race first ... ,and they just blame each other +sometimes get to insult you , but the truth is that this community have adopted a behaviour which is 90% passive grief ,what is that??? I tell you what is that , you know an issue , a mistake , who you repeat over and over again , that is a mistake you do it intentionally , you not want to learn the game , maybe i am stupid once , or two times ,but this community is not like it was season 1.. ,or 2 , it passed some years since then , so there should be high experience into players gameplay ,skill into aiming or if they pick a champion who relay on skill hard , or is difficult to play ,but instead what do i see... , is like every player who plays LoL just started last month to play ... ,so much mistakes which ain't common for some divisions and tiers there shouldn't be such low skill , and this repeat now ,and is so high affecting platinum tier too... ,is really sad how the community itself ruin and tend to turn this game at a point , constantly people step into boards to complain ,about balance/toxicity/grief/troll/afk/autofill/bad players and what ever i missed.
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