Riot shits

How is it that you are not embarrassed? How long will you mock and make fools playmates, who will not give money to your skins and other shit? They want to play this %%%%ing game in peace, they will not give you money because the game is free .. And I should let me %%%% my mother and beat me on a national basis, and I do not think you would ban me? So I can get someone to %%%% everything on the list, and he bought some skin and if he was reporting me for my word that I wrote him noob I would get a ban because of that, but when is f u c k my Serbian mother nothing is happend?!?! Right?? You give me ban for 14 days.. So do you %%%%ing get all dead and alive, have you, do you understand? The Church Dusmani and you and this shit, which is worth it .. And you are protecting them, they send you money ... Mom %%%%ing both you and them .. I respect you the faithful 4th season Snorky Snorky1 Snorky007 now TheDarkKnigtFromSerbia ..
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