Biggest troll is rito

Got suspended for some days because I answered 2 flamers. I guess it is ok to extremely offend someones mother and family, sayings things like "im gonna rape your mother and sister, but if you answer them shut up noob you get a suspension. And no, the other guys didnt get, or i would receive a message saying it. Needless to say, they werent just 2 flamers, one was the supp, Alistar, feeding bot, unable to do the simple Ali combo. And the other a Shyvana jungler, who manage to ruin the lane phase I was winning, with two bad ganks, dying or making me die to save her. I guess it was a nice way to end this playing night. After a bad losing streak, with afkers, feeders 1-12 players and flamers. Thanks for helping me stop playing this rotten game, which makes you a worse person. Unnistalling it. (of course i could play my other account, which is even higher, because i have two like everyone else, most of them using this method to troll, but I'm not losing more time with this hellish game, that is worse every patch).
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