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So I got a chat restriction for 10 matches, this may be a light penalty compared to bans but I found this one somewhat unfair and support basically said it was because they can't. So this was the logs I got when I asked for reasons. [0:54] Brand: il feed harder [0:58] Brand: so il get flamed [2019-08-23 21:17:15 EEST] Makguy: i would call u dog shit garbage [16:38] Dr. Mundo: cuz ur behind [17:52] Dr. Mundo: %%%%%%ed The Brand part Here you can see from the time stamps [0:54] and [0:58] the game hasn't even started yet. Kat says she may feed as she hasn't played in a while so I made a joke of being flamed as I was Brand. After the game when everyone left the lobby, I said this Makguy: i would call u dog shit garbage. Here I made sure they all left so they wouldn't have seen since I was tilted from them all trolling me and I needed to flame somewhere before I sent it. Dr.Mundo part I said Dr. Mundo: cuz ur behind I don't find that anyway toxic as Xin Zhao said he does no damage so I told him he was behind as he was I think 2 levels behind. Then I said Dr. Mundo: %%%%%%ed this was the main reason in my opinion that got logged. Their chat bot detected the word %%%%%% and used it as a reason. This was directed at the enemy teemo. But here's the funny part. It was in team chat so no way would he have seen that. 2 of my teamates were premades as well and we were laughing as teemo just got baited really hard with my low hp then I ulted. It was quite obvious bait which was why I said %%%%%%ed. I was wondering if I could get opinion of this penalty from the player base and help me with how I should have reacted in the given situations.
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