Perma ban with no explaination

I have recently logged on to find out my account has been permanently banned. I was playing a few hours ago and played a few games of ranked, which communication was good within the team, no flame etc. (and I've been playing pretty much daily for numerous years) and the past few days and weeks I haven't really been all that toxic, which is what I would assume the ban is for but this wouldn't make much sense. I went of to play a bit of overwatch and came back about 10 minutes ago to find out I'm perma banned. I haven't received an email telling me my account has violated the terms of service and I haven't received an email telling me action has been taken against my account and for what reason. Is there anything I can do to recover my account? as I have spent multiple years building this account and have spent a lot of money on there too. Edit: I was permanently banned for 'using 3rd party programs' I only use custom skins...
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