Friends and team mates

So i made a post how i hate getting flamed and how i hate getting trolled. But then my friends start calling me a damn crybaby. So right now every time i go to school or meet up with friends i get the nickname "crybaby" and that doesn't feel good. It all started by me starting to play with a friend of mine who was higher rank than me. And when we played he called me a boosted banobo, a monkey nut, a %%%%%% that doesn't know how to play the game and many stuff more. So one day i decided to mute his mice from a game so i couldn't hear him, then he started pinging every time he didn't like something i did so i muted his pings as well. Than he started writing in chat and flaming me even more. At that point league of legends stoped being fun for me. Now everyday i am getting called for a crybaby for trying not to get tilted and being positive with the game. In my last post i said "i hate how people are flaming each other for no reason" and you guys said commented with negativity and told me that it's easy to not get toxic and you can avoid it very easy only if you try. I never said i was toxic, i said i hate the people that are toxic. And no, in some situation you cannot avoid getting flamed and not getting mad. This is the proof i got for you guys. Also i will start playing league again, so please i need some new friends to play with because my friends hate me now. So link me up if you wanna play. this is my acount.: Thank you next.
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