League comunity in a nutshell

Ok so I was playing zed and I was against an ekko. We exchanged kills and minions pushed to him so he got a level advantage and started rolling me. He was zoning me and turret diving and I basicly had nothing to do besides play under tower and beg for ganks. I did not get any. Instead I got flame from our support and complete ignore from jungler. I did not insult anyone. I was a bit mad but I asked for help, I did not use words like idiot or noob or %%%%%% and stuff. Meanwhile nami called me a shitty zed main, noob, idiot, told me to get cancer and stuff. After game cho told me that he didnt gank cause I was noob and you dont gank noobs. Truth to be told, ekko was overextending like crazy entire game, which means couple of ganks would have been a guaranteed kill, which would have gotten me back on track. Another disgusting thing that happened is that after the game (we somehow won) Nami got 3 honors. A player that told me to get cancer was the most honourable in our team. Meanwhile I am trying to pull my team together and yet I am sitting at dishonorable cause I told a flamer to STFU KID. Makes sense What do I do in a situation when I am being zoned and dived by a counter while I am 2 lvls and an item bellow and I am not getting any help from team? Please tell me so I would know next time this happens.
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