Toxic and Trolling summoners

In league of legends riot have been banning and giving penalties too every toxic summoners but what happends too the trolling summoners? In a game where a summoner is trolling and wasting 20 min of other summoners time there is one guy who get's so mad that he say to the trolling summoner "Go kill yourself you pile of trash". After that game the toxic summoner get's a 5 game penalty while the trolling summoner don't even get punished for his behavior. Who did most wrong in this game? The trolling summoner who wasted 20 minutes of 9 other summoners time, The toxic summoner who got so mad that he said "kill yourself" to the trolling summoner? Who got punished the most? The summoner player got punished the most and the fastest, while it took 1 game for the toxic summoner to get a penalty it took atleast 3 games for the trolling summoner to get a penalty. Riot should reconsider who they ban and not ban. Please upvote this discussion if you are with me and my toughts, and make it get on the "hot" page so that riot can see some summoners toughts about the community and how to make it better.
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