Ranked is so broken its unreal

We all have good and bad games, hard stuck bronze over here. If i go say for instance 7/2/20 in a game and we lose, did i really lose while my mid is too busy going 1/15?? No, i didn't lose. My mid lost, THEREFORE we do no deserve to be in same Elo as each other, as this is a consistent pattern, where i go completely positive and still end up as a defeat. The problem is it constantly happens, i could understand every once in a while but.. its basically every game. Before anybody asks, if i notice my lane is ahead and say mid is being lost i will roam to it. Sure i have a bad game FROM TIME TO TIME. However im on a constant losing streak at the moment when my INDIVIDUAL play insists i shouldn't be. All i am saying is LoL ranked system should be based on your INDIVIDUAL SKILL not the skill of others, people you are most likely never going to be teamed up with every again ;)
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