Am I doing something Wrong?

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Idk if I am supposed to do something different or if Riot is intentionally putting me with 4 mentally "not well" people every game. I refuse to duo because you should be able to climb without duoing but it feels like I was playing to my full extent these 3 games (and all the other 25 losses) but 75% of the time I get absolutely dog trash human filth teammates. I don't call them this in-game of course because I know the impact of having someone flame in game, but when I say something like: "Hey poppy don't build trinity dusklblade as support" I get shit like "Muting camille" Can I please just be reimbursed for my LP, ffs. EDIT Forgot to mention that before these 3 games I was 91 LP about to enter promos and I have a strong feeling that RIOT did actually find the worst creatures in existence to put on my team.
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