I got a 14-day suspension coz of this

Game 1 Harchaeregg: that hapens when u afk dawg Harchaeregg: before Harchaeregg: maybe use a internet vable Harchaeregg: we need gank Harchaeregg: dude Harchaeregg: please Harchaeregg: fall back Harchaeregg: low hp Harchaeregg: u knew she had it up so u could stay towet Harchaeregg: jax at drake Harchaeregg: what is this jg Harchaeregg: Trynd could u help bot Harchaeregg: we need drake Harchaeregg: woa Harchaeregg: I thought Trynd would be there, coz Camille was Harchaeregg: Jinx!!! Harchaeregg: stop leavin Harchaeregg: just leave me like that Harchaeregg: JINX Harchaeregg: use brain ples Harchaeregg: just attack her Harchaeregg: basic Harchaeregg: dont ran away Harchaeregg: she's AShe Harchaeregg: stop fking playing ranked with poor internet Harchaeregg: easy Harchaeregg: omg Harchaeregg: Trynd full build btw Harchaeregg: baron Harchaeregg: it's sad how noones uses their brains Harchaeregg: %%%%s Game 2 Harchaeregg: whats ur ms Harchaeregg: tf Harchaeregg: ¨speak english Harchaeregg: focus supp Harchaeregg: gj Harchaeregg: wtf Harchaeregg: how Harchaeregg: my game is fked Harchaeregg: the quality if fked Harchaeregg: why do u have a pc with that bad internet Harchaeregg: omg Harchaeregg: so dumb do rea Harchaeregg: doesnt look like ur concentrating anyways Harchaeregg: dude!! Harchaeregg: fking inters Harchaeregg: 3/7 Harchaeregg: fk this Harchaeregg: everytime I get in promos I come with teams like this Harchaeregg: look at u!!! Harchaeregg: pls Harchaeregg: you'll get pucking dissapointed Harchaeregg: MID AND JG LOST GAME Harchaeregg: Nasus focusing tank WTF Harchaeregg: soi dumb Harchaeregg: can u guys ever realize what u r doin wrong Harchaeregg: rep Nasus Harchaeregg: kus -** which is not Kill ur self btw but riot clearly thought that**
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