So i got reported because i was not playing like most of people wants

I were playing aram, during the champ selection I got Jinx and I tried to trade with someone because I sucks as adc, I dislike the role and I'm useless as adc, so I said this to them.. but nobody cared.. So I'm forced to play a role that's not suit for me and especially I've to deal with the new items. The match was {{champion:222}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:90}} vs {{champion:36}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:9}} The enemy had an all-in composition with good mobility and self healing, I knew that I can land only 2 or 3 basic attack before being exploded. Plus i'm really bad as adc (positioning / moving / etch) Then I decieded to try a poke build based on {{item:3070}} like Varus build for aram. So I need AD and CDreduction and my build idea was: {{item:3042}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3508}}/{{item:3812}} {{item:3006}} But since the start they wrote: "ahahah what's your build noob? Why you got a tear?" "just build a damn IE" "left clicking is too hard for you?" "these bronzies .." Well, the game started and we were doing good and they stopped to write As you can see here We won every fight, but later the game changed (at min 20 ) they got the advantage and they won just by charging on us. So my teammates start to blame me again for my crappy build and all of them wrote /all report jinx for troll thanks Well, I got the report advisement and now I feel really bad .. Because all champions in the enemy team had his own self healing and no one of my allies has built {{item:3165}} And everyone could build it! Even the {{item:3116}} that will stop all of their movements. No one cared. But hey, better blame jinx. I am the one bronzie tard that bought {{item:3033}} to stop the heals. I did a good amount of damage and I've a good score.. and my teammates reported me for a stupid aram build when they must report their brains for leaking of communication.
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