Bye bye probably for good!

I'm boycotting this game until justice is served and being noticed. I keep getting chat banned while accidentally played with some Riot's staffs who were in their period. They played super bad and I raged them with none explicit words but still they wanted me to go to the bottom of honor level. They abused their power in banning players just from being raged at for playing super bad. And to be absolutely straight to the point, you Riot has to improve this kind of situations where players who play really bad are the one to be punished and banned, not the one who plays well and wanted to win badly but cannot carry 4 of their teammates! What are you expecting good players to behave, just silently cry like GOD FAKER did in his last World Finale? uhmm NO! And your match making system is disgusting also, if a player is too good for his current rank then they get to play with super bad players as you call that kind of thing ELO? I mean wtf, good players are supposed to face against better ones and get teammates at their rate, you double the hardship by both giving them terrible players and probably better enemies as well, WTF?? And I will give you a hint how to rate a player good or bad, saving their stats in every games like cs farming, ward placing, cc score, combat involve, dmg dealt along with kills and their role. Really disappoint about your system recently because it seems you don't want me get key fragment anymore by prison me under honor 0 level, very disappoint!! FIX THIS OR YOU WILL LOSE A DECENT PLAYER FOREVER!
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