Perma ban

Hello community, I have been perma banned, indeed i have not been behaving properly for the past couple of months. I've had problems with my life. I eventually got banned for 2 weeks. Then i told myself i was going to behave and reforme. So i did. However ealier today, I queued up for ranked and got placed jgl. I main mid lane. So i asked if i could go mid and he said no. Instead of dodging i played the game and performed badly. I got harrassed by my teammates ... After the game ended i got perma baned. I didn't swear or say anything bad to my teammates. I have been playing for about 6 years and i spent a fair amount of money and time on my account. I want to say sorry to all the players i have anoyed and wish i could go back in the past and dodge that game. Once again, i am sorry. Chat logs: Game 1 Insidi0us: ik Insidi0us: lee has 0 % winrate on him Insidi0us: and ezreal has 0% win rate vs tristana (4 games) Insidi0us: wp bot Insidi0us: second game where i ask if could swap both mid laners said no and lose lane Insidi0us: woo Insidi0us: woopi Insidi0us: this tahm kench though Insidi0us: GG Insidi0us: surr 15 Insidi0us: thx for not swaping Insidi0us: veyr kind Insidi0us: i could have carried Insidi0us: but nah Insidi0us: i want i want Insidi0us: and lose the game Insidi0us: WP XERATH Insidi0us: WP TOP Insidi0us: just swap with me next time we meet Insidi0us: ok? Insidi0us: thank you Insidi0us: ahhhh xerath Insidi0us: to think that you are the cause of all this Insidi0us: a single yes Insidi0us: in champ select Insidi0us: would have changed everything :) Insidi0us: shame you didnt say it :/ Insidi0us: 2 times in a row this has happenend Insidi0us: xerath Insidi0us: ? Insidi0us: wp xerath Insidi0us: your fault Insidi0us: all of this Insidi0us: i dont main jgl :/ Insidi0us: xerath Insidi0us: should have swaped Insidi0us: so i could play my 60 % win rate zed Insidi0us: with 5 kda Insidi0us: not my fault Insidi0us: xeraths fault Insidi0us: should have swaped baby Insidi0us: never said the opposit Insidi0us: you shoudda said yes :( Insidi0us: mannn Insidi0us: I WANTED TO SAP MID Insidi0us: LOL Insidi0us: k Insidi0us: risky Insidi0us: ik lol Insidi0us: wtf Insidi0us: y ik Insidi0us: no need to repeat Insidi0us: funny how one word can change the outcome of a game huh Insidi0us: that range Insidi0us: damn Insidi0us: hes 17/0 xDDD Insidi0us: wpw xerath Insidi0us: download scripts men Insidi0us: i asekd if xerath mid Insidi0us: was a good idea Insidi0us: vs 2 assassins Insidi0us: sooooooooo Insidi0us: dont blame me for this one Insidi0us: ik Insidi0us: wp mid Insidi0us: should have said yes Insidi0us: x) Insidi0us: gg Insidi0us: lol nvm Insidi0us: ik ik Insidi0us: :) Insidi0us: not my fault Insidi0us: ik thx Insidi0us: lee afk, Insidi0us: ,, Insidi0us: ? Insidi0us: back Insidi0us: 5 v 2 Insidi0us: gg Insidi0us: ik that Insidi0us: youve said it at least 10 times Insidi0us: but i asked Insidi0us: to go mid Insidi0us: soooooooooo Insidi0us: not my ffault Insidi0us: cant expect everybody to be good lo Insidi0us: if they get that its lost Insidi0us: gg Insidi0us: reprot xerath Insidi0us: fir flame Insidi0us: and not swapmig Insidi0us: i did smite Insidi0us: lol Insidi0us: I SMITED Insidi0us: xDDDDDDDDDDDDD Insidi0us: I SMITED Insidi0us: HELLO Insidi0us: yea bro Insidi0us: at least Insidi0us: just had a bad game Insidi0us: wasnt inting Insidi0us: i dont get Insidi0us: what i have done Insidi0us: i lost Insidi0us: but i could have won Insidi0us: if you said yes xerath Insidi0us: bg Insidi0us: i asked Insidi0us: if i could go mid Insidi0us: you said Insidi0us: np Insidi0us: ...

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