Got 2 weeks ban and I'm proud of what I said and what I did, and I'll do it again.

Cause as I said yesterday, I'm gonna keep get matched with trolls on PURPOSE. I got them in 3 games in a row again and I said what I really wanted to say. About their families, their lifes etc. And I'm gonna do it again! Trust me, you can't stop me. They deserved it and I WAS RIGHT. Flame isn't bad, it's getting used when it should be used, and I'm doing great for now. You can't imagine how good I felt wishing death to everything he loves. You know why? Cause he deserved it. {{sticker:sg-jinx}} You will ban the trolls first, then I'll stop. I'm gonna play each game like a normal player, without trolls/feeders etc and then I'll stop. I'm gonna play only with good players in each match and then I'll stop. If you can't do it flamers will exist fooooorever and I'm gonna be one of the biggest, trust me. I can't wait to wish cancer in the next troll I'll have in my team, which I'm pretty sure will be on my next game cause Riot never takes a break from fait matchmakings! {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
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