Hey guys, new player here. Started last week. I'm done now, its at a point where the smurfing and toxicity got to such a, honestly, pathetic level that i have consistently been the only actual new player on my team. Everyone else is like, yo dont go in their jungle we haven't got lane priority and X champion is strong early into Kayn but you beat him when you have form and i'm like.. whats form? and im like.. wtf.. okay? i've done my 20 games, the skill ceiling in this game is so high i could probably do 2000 and still be stomped on by the same smurfs and its just.. not fun. I like pvp, thats what i want to do in my few hours per evening, i dont want to spend months playing bot games to "learn", to then still be stomped on for months and months more. If you smurf, you're killing new players like me for an ego boost and i dont think its cool, and it breeds a toxic community. I'd say it was nice knowing you all but honestly, the players i've met %%%%ing sucked. Onto the next
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