Hello rioters, I will be delivering the chatlog that led to my chat restriction but first let me ask you a question, how does this system actually work, you guys need to work on banning people in game after saying bad words and calling people with terrible names onsight instead of waiting until the end of the game to get victimized person banned for being unable to hold back and talk trash also, this got on my nerves riot, I don't understand why do I have to get the chat restriction and honor dropped because this guy had to play with my nerves and call me reta*d all over the game because his enemy midlaner came to my lane and dived me and I died, since then he started insulting me with bad words and saying I have been the reason for him to lose his lane which is completely false, he had lack of skills and that's fine, we all do, but he kept insulting me and I could not resist not trash talk to him as well, now because of this, I got chat restriction and honor dropped which I have been working hard for it, all day long in the game just to make some plays and get some honor in order to get some key frags to unlock my chests, now I get this. This is totally unfair, I would be pleased if somehow I get my honor level back and riot workers who are responsable for this look into the chatlog of the game and punish the other guy as well. I would also love to see a new system of chat restriction that works inside the game, if you insult with few bad words you get muted in that game and get a chat restriction for the other games, please riot, I would not be this salty toward him if he didn't play on my nerves and insult me and making me feel like I was nothing. My kind regards, Azestek. Pre-Game Azestek: Why I got top Azestek: ergh Azestek: Can I mid please? Azestek: I hate thiss game Azestek: someone dodge Azestek: and the second draft you get another role Azestek: pfff In-Game Azestek: bro Azestek: ... Azestek: didnt have E Azestek: .. Azestek: ye Azestek: 22sec cd Azestek: 3top Azestek: kkkk Azestek: not you didnt say anything Azestek: i saw ur pings Azestek: didnt expect 3 Azestek: dude Azestek: i know Azestek: i saw Azestek: do you know how to read english? Azestek: i said i didnt expect 3 Azestek: to come Azestek: lee no flash btw Azestek: ??? Azestek: i dont have top champs ffs only gnar available... Azestek: keep coming, i love it Azestek: bring botlane too this time Azestek: ?? Azestek: im not a fighter champ Azestek: tank Azestek: says the one who got a reworked busted champ who spams abilities 24/7 Azestek: Don't talk, you making me laugh Azestek: Well check my history, i dont play gnar either Azestek: good Azestek: worth Azestek: you still need buddies to get kills? Azestek: Alright Azestek: Need to stop typing while moving Azestek: was gonna say Azestek: next time Azestek: give people Azestek: their main lane Azestek: orianna Azestek: instead of being useless Azestek: ruined ur game? Azestek: ur trash Azestek: can't even hit an ult Azestek: now u talk? Azestek: lmao Azestek: rip baron Azestek: waw Azestek: first time Azestek: she ulted Azestek: someone Azestek: gg Azestek: not my fault Azestek: if you lose ur lane Azestek: And insult me cause somehow i was the reason for it Azestek: just Azestek: get a life Azestek: and stop Azestek: crying Azestek: pls report this guy Azestek: being insulting all day Azestek: acusing me of making him Azestek: losing his lane Azestek: for no reason Azestek: fk it Azestek: im getting a copy Azestek: of the chat Azestek: after this game Azestek: fkn reporting u on the forum Azestek: best solution Azestek: so people won't have to deal with a brainless person like you anymore Azestek: gj kat Azestek: love what you did in mid Azestek: GGs Azestek: Wp Post-Game Azestek: yes pls Azestek: no joke this mid being insulting all day since kat dove me toplane Azestek: its not the community Azestek: its this kind of people Azestek: who have missing brain cells Azestek: i would rather be salty Azestek: than calling people Azestek: retar Azestek: all day Azestek: for no reason Azestek: just rep Azestek: trust me Azestek: you get a feedback Azestek: from riot Azestek: in no time Azestek: look Azestek: still crying Azestek: jesus christ Azestek: U2
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