Why do we call LoL a multilpayer game ?

When in order to have a good experience you need to mute everyone, and yourself ? To be honest, this is the only playable version of LoL at the moment, feels like a single player bot game most of the time. Why ? Cause there's too much emphasis on chat. 90% of bans are chat related, 90% of players int/afk/leave due to caring what others type in chat. Ofc those are made up numbers, but you know it's around there. How about turning chat off as a default, and adding an option to activate it for the certain individuals that won't get butthurt about it, which in turn would make chat punishments not a thing ? And stop with this chat emphasis where everything revolves around it ? The main focus should be on the game itself, not on policing random people on the internet on what they say. And you know what ? Guess what would happen if chat related punishments won't be a thing anymore ? People would just forget about that and report the actual trolls/inters/afk'ers instead. Cause in most of the games, the one getting mostly reported is the one that complains about those things. Imo the most annoying thing about LoL is this. The game itself is pretty nicely done and addictive, but the way the company handles the player behavior is pretty deplorable.
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