7 years of complaints

######As a non-english speaker I tried my best to write something understandable. Hi fellow summoners, In less than 10 days, I will celebrate the 7 years of my first League of Legends game. I remember when I started, League was so much fun. Every game was a bunch of new discoveries. I was playing with my friends for hours even during nights before work days. (I'm still playing a lot, and the game is still so much fun anyway) As someone coming from Warcraft 3, I felt like the game was way more convenient than Dota, way more playable, it was just way better. Even the community aspect of the game was better, I don't know if the board existed when I started playing LoL, but I know many players were talking about the game on many forums. Then after 2 or 3 months of intense tryharding to get better, I joined my first solo-queue ranked game. I remember shaking so hard while the game was loading. That was litteraly the first time I was playing a game as a competitive level (LUL). At this moment I discovered a whole new aspect of the game, the toxicity of mad players :). I know it's completely human to always look for the reason why you failed but there is no point complaining over and over. I completely understand that you can be mad about many things in this game but I never ever understood why people keep being stuck on just one mistake someone made. I mean, it happens (sometimes it happens a lot) but it doesn't even make sense to remember someone he played bad once during the entire game. It's been 7 years I'm playing the game, and during 7 entire years I've always seen people making posts to complain about the game and players, every f**in day. This is legit ridiculous that people keep complaining and blaming the game or other players for their bad plays / behaviour. Can't you guys play the game as it is ? Can't you just enjoy a game on which you spend a lot of time ? Can't you just admit you can't win every game ? Can you at least try to understand what YOU could have done better instead of crying because of """""" feeders """""""" ? Can't you admit that the game can't be balanced around YOUR champions ? And above all : #Can you stop making whiny posts on the board ? I don't care about your games, I don't care about your lives. Let me enjoy my board experience with interesting content. Thanks for reading :)
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