Neeko revealed to be League's first openly LGBTQ champion
While the League of Legends fan canon has had a lot of champions that people believe may be queer, Neeko, the latest addition to the game, has been confirmed as lesbian by senior narrative writer Matt Dunn, who worked on the character. This makes her the first openly confirmed LGBTQ champion in the game.
So today I saw the response of a tweet wich said that Neeko (the champion that is going to be released soon and is on the PBE already) is lesbian. The comments were filled with people complaining about that. As a human wich fights for justice i want to clear 3 things. 1. What is wrong with releasing a lesbian or gay champion ? 2. We already have Taric and the comments on him were actualy pretty nice (like no offence, or what is wrong with that ?) 3. Why do you complain about her sexuality and not her base damage or sclaing (it is pretty high or it was a day ago ) Please let me hear some good response or tell me why the community should have the right to find it bad to release a lesbian champion. Also if someone watches who does know that Neeko isnt lesbian pls let me know because we could stop some people to flame riot for that.
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