So I got told to never play league again

Greetings LoL community, So as you could probably guess, I'm a very casual LoL player and rarely open the game, but on this day, I decided that it might be fun to catch up with some old friends and have a good, clean game. Suffice to say, I was horrible. My item build and use of spells. I had poorly checked the graphics settings and was getting fps drops. All of which I can own up to. I'm bad at League of Legends. Anyway, you might want to know my account is at 100+ wins which is nothing and I am at level cap. I own a few skins and love to sometimes just play with friends. Today. I want to give up. I was told, in solo queue, by a rather unhappy Kassadin to please "NEVER PLAY AGAIN". Any thoughts from you guys and gals? I thought I would at least gauge LoL by a few people, and not just one disgruntled player.
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