Give an honest opinion, should i be banned for this?

Hello, Even though i start this thread i know that most people will say yep you deserved the ban, because ppl will think that without me world will be a better place. I'll post logs later i just want to give a general idea of what happened. So i start a game normal, pick leona mid argue with teemo support who ask me leona mid? in same manner i asked him teemo support, and a few lines of conversation. So game finally loads i alt-tab in order to close chrome and go back to bathroom, i come back and the only open window is riot launcher, can't alt-tab so i close the game and re-launch, again loading screen and now i cannot connect. I press reconnect a few times but it I still cannot' connect, so i again quit>launch, this time i can finally play. What I come to is game 7 minutes in, without any remake, not sure why, and gangplank top along with yi jungle sitting in base circling around to not be tagged as afk . Now i'll give logs i was a bit tilted i admit because of that bug/reconnect issue but i certainly wasn't toxic like some ppl in this game can be by writing famous k** word or racial slurs. I just want to add that enemy midlaner zed during game told me that he hates afkers and he will along with his teammates who are his premade report me for racism, so tell me which part of this is me being racist. Game 1 Pre-Game Yadua: support teemo? Yadua: so you know my answer Yadua: for me it's but teemo support Yadua: well you bring 0 cc to the game Yadua: no wait Yadua: blind Yadua: i forgot Yadua: it's normal rank is irrelevant Yadua: because i play what i feel like Yadua: just like you picking teemo for support Yadua: and you think i play leona mid in ranked? In-Game Yadua: fcking bug Yadua: oh look Yadua: open top Yadua: what a surprise Yadua: not Yadua: well Yadua: i got a bug Yadua: couldn't reconnect Yadua: finally reconnected Yadua: and what i see yi and gang sitting in base Yadua: that's sure a great way to spent time Yadua: so apparently you are so bad Yadua: that you never won 4v5? Yadua: apparently you don't Yadua: trash? Yadua: yo are aware that without me it's 4v5 Yadua: you numbfck Yadua: so if you won 4v5 Yadua: you would win without me Yadua: coz you are bad Yadua: and you are arguing with me and blaming me xd Yadua: you are funny not me Yadua: well report goes to you Yadua: something tells me Yadua: it's your usual behaviour Yadua: you died 1v2 Yadua: so you lost that privilege Yadua: i don't talk with losers Yadua: but i found a friend for you Yadua: gang who Yadua: says that he won a few 4v5 guys Yadua: but he wouldn't be able to win this one with me mid Yadua: you are alone so i'm looking for friends for you Yadua: you are pathetic Yadua: honestly there is never a reason to give up a game even if it's literal 4v5 Yadua: i had a bug and couldn't reconnect Yadua: but gang is surely trolling Yadua: since he afks Yadua: sure Yadua: i wasn't afk Yadua: i was dc'ed Yadua: at least on my screen i wasn't even in the game Yadua: i didn't lost? Yadua: another genius Yadua: i'm not defending you can report me i won't cry Yadua: but you and zed think that you can't win the game with afk Yadua: so you surely are great players Yadua: i didn't lose anything Yadua: you lost by griefing Yadua: i came back to game and got 2 kills Yadua: sure Yadua: i will write then to riot and they will check chat so enjoy your ban for toxicity Yadua: unless you are too stupid for that Yadua: mad? Yadua: you sure are pathetic gang Yadua: i'm tired of game bugging out Yadua: and when i finally got into the game i see sad gang and argue with him Yadua: no surr for you Yadua: you must be stupid Yadua: if you think i'll surr Yadua: and i'm mad Yadua: sure Yadua: report me also for griefing Yadua: 7 minutes late and still better stats than gang Yadua: you will be permabanned Yadua: if i can be permabanned then you also can be permabanned Yadua: noice logic, right? Yadua: you know that i'm black of asian descent Yadua: you hating on me and insulting means that you are racist Yadua: so you got report for racism Yadua: like my what? Post-Game Yadua: honestly Yadua: you guys got excited so much after normal game Yadua: that not sure what would happen if this was ranked Later i submitted a report, and rioter responded with a nice compilation of few lines of chat as to why my ban is justified and that is: I looked into your account and I would like to advise you that the reason for the ban is the following: [8:16] Yadua (Leona): so apparently you are so bad [8:19] Yadua (Leona): that you never won 4v5? [8:43] Yadua (Leona): you numbfck [9:12] Yadua (Leona): coz you are bad [11:25] Yadua (Leona): you are pathetic [14:02] [All] Yadua (Leona): unless you are too stupid for that [15:13] Yadua (Leona): you must be stupid I know that sometimes some players can trigger you, but this is not a reason for using offensive language. What you should do in such situations is just to mute the other player and report them after the game. Then you should let us take care of them. Honestly i'm slightly triggered by this whole situation because my account is few years old surely more than 5 years, no warning, no chat restrictions, no bans in any form and i get hit with this 14 day ban instead of chat restriction which i felt is the most i should get, and boom goes away my honor and rewards for end of the year even though i managed to hit honor 3...
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