Just got dishonorable, cuz our Orianna jungle came without smite and went mid lane. I was premade reported and prob by enemy, cuz Ori and his good friends had joy in lying. This is why I stopped playing blind, good I wanted to get pick Kayn, cuz He is always banned in Draft. Our Ori called Jungle, so I picked ignite to go mid, then Ori didnt say shit and came mid and the whole team flamed me for not going Jungle, so I fckin flamed back and ofc I get a 14 day suspense for a game where I was not in wrong and the game says, people decided that I was not good enough to use chat, good thing tribunal is fckin old timer thing that doesnt even exist now. I like how people can just report anyone anytime for jokes btw, I KNOW PPL who just report someone for playing a champion and such and Those people actually get banned. You get the notification that He got his punishment, so good my friends usually just report for jokes. So good I got restriction cuz my all chat is turned off and my team prob happily lied so I got a nice 8x report. You know whos dishonorable? The people who reported me and You know what? This wont help make the game less toxic, but more toxic instead. I could even just stop playing lol, cuz this honor system is so fckin slow and I lost all my progress and, If I am the toxic who should become a better person and/or leave lol, then I'll leave lol instead, ecaouse There are problems and They are not on my side. If I am considered toxic, I'll rather stay toxic. Sorry for not licking everyones ass out and being a friendly hypocrite. I wont act friendly towards ppl, If they deserve otherwise, just so I can stay honorable.
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