People Trolling/ leaving the Game, you call them out = Chatban

So here we're at it again. I had one nice Game with a Ryze and Veigar, both of them went mid because Ryze didn't wanna Support, i played Kai'sa bot alone and was like, yeah whatever. Then i'll asked Veigar to just come bot if Ryze wants to go mid that badly which he refused as he went mid first, which was understandable. At the 10 Minutes Mark Veig started to blame me because the Enemy Quinn was 3/0 ( I was 0/1) I didn't really got what he wanted from me but i told him that this is unlucky. Then i asked him again why he didn't came bot to help me out, then he just lost his Mind and blamed me for beeing on Ryze Side, which i wasn't. After dying another Time he just left the Game, leaving us 4v5. I have to say i did had a really heavy Chat with hime while we we're playing, but i'll never Insulted him, just asked what's wrong and why he just doesn't care. I'll start a new Game, Chatban, 5 Games. I'll decided to just Drag the Chat out of the Screen. It's just better this Way.
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