Is this banable

> So what happened is that i was adc and i asked my support to pick ezreal for me and he wanted lulu so what i did was put my ezreal runes and picked lulu when i traded him he declined at the last second and the game started before 1 second i dodged but it still put me in the game. so technically he stole my lane cuz he had heal and the correct runes and summoners for ezreal in the bot lane even tho he got support and we never agreed to switch lanes but we agreed on trading champs ( since i asked him to pick me ezreal ). so i went lulu adc since i had adc runes and summoners took cs just like any other adc i literally played my role and twitch was thinking i was trolling to be completely honest my score was 2 6 something i didnt int i was playing normally that enemy malph was camping us and we had a brand and quinn against me i didnt flame yet that ezreal was flaming he was like suck on me and shit so did i do anything banable? since i had adc and he got support and still took my adc.
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