Stupid assumptions: 'Girls are nicer than guys, they all play support and are boosted.'

I'm not sure how to put this, there are a variety of things... I have played League for a few years, and I sum up my experience. I'd like to bring them up in a single post. Lately I have been active in the forums and I felt to make a post regarding this. But first a tiny bit of story. :3 When I first started to play League, I didn't know much about the community. I remember posting in the forum asking for someone to play with me and maybe teach me about the game. And I was very happy when people added me and I had someone to play with. To make it easier for me, I often got to play support, and my friend adc. So he could teach me about the game while playing. Thus, I got used to the support role. I played it a lot, but mostly because I didn't wanna argue with people about roles. (And support was the least popular, so I always got that one no one wanted) I basically never got any chance of playing other roles, and eventually I lost confidence to play anything except support. I hated to feed, and feeder gets flamed at... so yea, support all the way! End of story. I never played anything like League before, and the toxic players really... surprised me. I wasn't used to see. In games I usually tried to be nice to people. And OFTEN times. They will be like: 'You are so nice, you must be a girl.' In my mind, yeah. I am a girl. I'm glad you think I'm nice. But there are mean girls too. And guys who are really friendly. And this other one, you guys are all familiar with. And I get this often. 'Hey, you main support, all girls main support. They all play Sona, Janna, Nami...' I don't know why. But it actually seem to be true that most girls main support... this one. I find it weird. (I'd like to find out why) And finally this: I usually play solo. I remember in one particular game. A quite nasty player, was like: 'You must be a girl, you play so bad. Who the fuck boosted you to Diamond? Another teammate actually defended me, telling the guy to shut up and stop blaming others for his faults cuz he played like shit. And because of that the flamer thought I was duoing with that teammate... In that game, the person did not know my gender. Because I didn't wrote a thing. My summoners name was quite neutral. But it seem to be a thing to say, that girls only play support, are bad and if they appear in Dia, they are all boosted... And just today, some guy in my friends list asked me. 'Is someone boosting you? You climb so fast in just a few days'. I've also met those (very few) guys who do sexually harassing. Guys who are suddenly really nice and offers me they gift me skins for free. But you know, I've also met a girl who is really good with the game that she hit Master tier last season. And once another girl who was flirting me me (she thought I'm a guy) and asking for duo. xd But the majority of people I met in League (well, except the flaming/tilting/trolling) are actually guys who are nice pals and fun to play with. So over the years I've been playing I've met all kinds of players. I always treat people with respect, in return, I've have been treated well by others. In most cases that is. So the one thing to keep in mind: How people treat you is often a reflection of how you present yourself. My overall experience with the game and the community is good, (since I'm usually immune to tilting/flaming) I enjoy playing League a lot. League is a fun game. There are both friendly guys and girls. It is not about gender, it is about the individual person if someone is nice, polite or not. League is about skill, and the time one put down to get better. And that is something individual as well. It is quite rude to make blind assumptions, about who is boosted and what not. (And there will always be players looking for someone to carry them. Boosted players. Both guys and girls.) With this post, I wanted to share my experiences. and I hope that people will stop generalizing. It isn't fair ,because we are all individuals. Don't make assumptions about people you don't know. cuz... That super mega toxic Vayne player who blames every mistake on the support is actually a girl. That really friendly Sona player who you thought was a girl is actually a guy. And the person who will hit Master tier at end of this season will actually be ME! :D (in my dreams ;_; ...I'm aiming for it tho. xd) (Sorry this turned to be so long...) Bai! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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