Most unfun game to play currently online (RANT)

With each progressive year league becomes a game of dismay and frustration i have never once felt happy or satisifed playing this gave for the past 2 years even normals are frustrating. The game is no longer about a one person carry but is more team based basically a coin flip, furthermore, atleast 20 to 30 minutes are spent per game excluding the lobby times and queue timings. which can be rounded upto 33 minutes of time wasted per game which makes it so much more unworthwhile. Would i recommend this game to anyone, no never i wouldn`t want anyone to dedicate even a percentage of their time to this game and every league player i have met so far hates this game with passion but comes back to it cause of the years they have invested into this game. To be honest i think no amount of feedback can improve this game as the foundations have already been set, the game is just frustrating from its base design, so i think riot or the the teams which balance this game will never be able to improve it. To be fair i wanna quit this game so bad but i come back everytime and when i look back i regret every moment i played this game, the time wasted when there where so many other enjoyable things to do in life. I have tons of regrets especially with this game. Furthermore, i think that i lack the self discpline to quit this game permanently so i would agree that it is 90 percent my fault to have such frustration with this game.
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