Why dd my acc get baned

Game 1 Pre-Game x%%%xx: adc x%%%xx: i am adc In-Game x%%%xx: DO SOMETHING x%%%xx: DO SOMETHUNG] x%%%xx: MORG AFK x%%%xx: DO SOMETHING x%%%xx: BLUDE QWE x%%%xx: DONT YOU DONT HAVE TO x%%%xx: DONT x%%%xx: GO AFK x%%%xx: PRESS ALT F4 x%%%xx: RLY I AM ENGLISH YOU FUC K x%%%xx: you paki shin t x%%%xx: nice how she lvl 6 x%%%xx: dont go to ] x%%%xx: n0poooooooooooooo x%%%xx: go afk x%%%xx: paki x%%%xx: pa ki x%%%xx: go afk x%%%xx: i dont you are shi t x%%%xx: not a game for you just uninstall x%%%xx: paki play fortnight pliz just leave x%%%xx: paki x%%%xx: curry muncher x%%%xx: OK LEAVE x%%%xx: \DONT GO MID x%%%xx: DONT x%%%xx: DONT KAT IS PLAYING WELL x%%%xx: DONT GO BOT x%%%xx: what are you saying x%%%xx: speak english x%%%xx: whre are you from x%%%xx: you trkish %%%%s got your server and dont play on it x%%%xx: bye gys my whole team is full off paki s x%%%xx: pa kis x%%%xx: morgana is a curry munchers x%%%xx: muncher x%%%xx: curry munche x%%%xx: %%%%ing indian x%%%xx: go ie x%%%xx: die x%%%xx: ks x%%%xx: %%% morg pliz you paki x%%%xx: %%%% this morg x%%%xx: turkish got there server but they come on us x%%%xx: like wtf i mean there is like 5 people playing on the turkish server x%%%xx: rep me pliz i wana get baned x%%%xx: %%%% this morg %%%%ing paki x%%%xx: %%% paki x%%%xx: lil %%%%% suck my %%%% %%%%% x%%%xx: %%% morg you paki x%%%xx: %%%%ing curry muncher x%%%xx: %%%%% %%%%% x%%%xx: morg is a paki \ x%%%xx: pore kid with 300 s x%%%xx: ms x%%%xx: cancer paishen x%%%xx: in pakistan x%%%xx: dieing off testical cancer x%%%xx: doc said no point leaving your lil %%%% x%%%xx: you a paki any ways x%%%xx: %%%% you x%%%xx: morg x%%%xx: th x%%%xx: the %%%%% muted me i think x%%%xx: %%%% her any ways x%%%xx: enemy team trash x%%%xx: lol x%%%xx: open mid rly fast x%%%xx: no we dont x%%%xx: who new x%%%xx: / x%%%xx: ? x%%%xx: helo then where you from x%%%xx: you pakistani or turkish x%%%xx: nice too many pkais and turkis people in germany x%%%xx: cont see a white person whar x%%%xx: there no white people in germany sad x%%%xx: nice stfu %%%%% go %%% Post-Game x%%%xx: rep me pliz you dume %%%%s x%%%xx: wtf why x%%%xx: stfu %%%%% why ou not die in iraq
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