Time to unistall LOL

Chat punishment for this League bb unistalling Game 1 skorpion1625: again ape jung skorpion1625: riven full push my jungle sleep skorpion1625: Seju are you APE skorpion1625: are you ape seju dont play jungle skorpion1625: you lose i dont care skorpion1625: go finish game i m afk APE seju skorpion1625: bb sejuani skorpion1625: are you really ape skorpion1625: monkey skorpion1625: full game push riven and my APE monkey jungle only bot gang , bot already push u why try to gang and always die? skorpion1625: seju really bad skorpion1625: turkish 5 iq sejuani reported skorpion1625: guys 4x report this ape seju Game 2 skorpion1625: gragas skorpion1625: useless skorpion1625: playing jungle ranked for 40min farm wp skorpion1625: 12 fam skorpion1625: bb gragas skorpion1625: afk skorpion1625: learn game play jungle skorpion1625: how old you? skorpion1625: 10? skorpion1625: last 2min skorpion1625: useless gragas plat5 looooll skorpion1625: go open mid skorpion1625: press yes skorpion1625: go push mid skorpion1625: lee gang top skorpion1625: and garen full push lane skorpion1625: are you wanna 40min farm skorpion1625: need jungle skorpion1625: i afk 5lvl garen no item skorpion1625: learn jungle play ranked gragas skorpion1625: bb skorpion1625: season 3-4 plat players really have no brain Game 3 skorpion1625: yours what is ape skorpion1625: go sur again ape bot skorpion1625: go only top i dont care skorpion1625: YOURS skorpion1625: %%%%ING skorpion1625: APE skorpion1625: ape skorpion1625: ape skorpion1625: "APE" skorpion1625: not human skorpion1625: APE skorpion1625: ? skorpion1625: pls? skorpion1625: what is pls? skorpion1625: i win my lane? wanna? skorpion1625: 5v1 ? skorpion1625: i win my lane others i dont care stop blame me skorpion1625: look top always 3v1 and blame gp ? skorpion1625: go finish i m afk base skorpion1625: all games tilt sorry skorpion1625: pls report shyvana guys flame and blame only me skorpion1625: look at bot jungle score and i how to play?
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