The 14 days ban is not a big enough warning. Make it more clear [suggestion]

Hello. I think the 14 days ban isn't "harsh" enough to serve as the last warning. I am a veteran player that plays 10-20 ranked games every single day. If you watch the top soloq players in eune you can easily find me by looking at my ranked games played this season(1300+). Ranked is the most competitive gamemode, which means it is also has the most toxic environment of all the gamemodes. I think the toxicity in this game is a very serious problem. I know that there are toxicity in everygame mode, and even casual players(my friends) experience it quite often. Now some of you probably think "we already know that", and others might think "it's only a small fraction of players that are toxic, its not a big issue", but let's be honest, it is probably the biggest issue with this game and it is bigger than what Riot admits. To me playing league is kinda like watching the same movie over and over again. You see people arguing/flaming/rq/being overly negative/spamm ff/spamming pings on you when you do mistakes, almost every game. (I am playing games while making this threat, and I just got told by enemy that I was boosted and got carried after I won, wtf >.>). I have always thought that 10 chat restrictions followed by 25 chat restrictions, then 14 ban is just too mild of a punishment. I read on the boards a lot, and there are many post about permanent bans. From what I can tell many of them thinks the permanent ban is underserved. We have different types of players that post about their permanent bans here on the boards: 1. The player that regrets losing his account. ("I have spent 200euro on my account and I spent a lot of time in this account so please unban me" 2. The player that regrets being toxic. ("I know I have been toxic, but give me another chance to prove that I have reformed") 3. The player that is toxic, but does not realise it("I got undeserved ban. I did nothing wrong. Please help!") 4. The player that is reformed, but still a bit toxic ("I got permabanned, but I was not(very) toxic! can you check my chatlog and see if it's justified?") 5. The player that blames everyone but himself ("I am not flaming, just telling the truth". "he started to flame me". "Why do I get banned, but not him"?) What do these people have in common? They are all permanently banned(banned forever) and they all plead to get another chance. Do they deserve a permanent ban? In my opinion, yes, all of them. Do they deserve another chance? No, a permanent ban is permanent. Do they deserve a better warning? Yes, definitely. I personally do not break rules(never ragequit, never flames, being neutral/positive). I have not gotten chat restriction or even a warning, but I am not perfect. I get angry easily and there are stuff that tilts me(negative, overly annoying, and toxic teammates), but I only rage inside myself. Do I report people and become a little bit happy when toxic people get banned? Yes, I certainly do, I am no saint. (I am a teemo player by the way). A permanent ban is harsh and used as the last resort. That is why I think Riot needs to make it more clear to people that if they still flame/being negative after the 14 days ban they WILL become permanently banned. What many people don't realise is it takes nothing to get from 14 days ban to a permanent ban. 14 days of not playing league? Not much of a big deal. It's only 2 weeks. Some people won't even care, they will just take a little break from league and play another game. 10/25 chat restrictions? No problem, I can finish those in 2 days. Do you see the problem here? Permanent bans are good, but the warning prior to a permanent isn't clear enough. You will problably say "but they got a mail saying their next punishment will be a permanent ban, and they agreed to the summoners code every patch", but hey, people are stupid, and 14 days ban is not always enough of a wakeup call for them. "Why do you care about them getting permanent banned?". Because banning them will not cure any damage they have inflicted to the victims. Sure we have prevented them from dealing further damage, but there are TOO MANY "stupid" people out there. Way too many that does not stop until they get a permanent ban, and how many permanent ban is given out? 0.006% if i remember correctly. That number is so freaking small, no wonder there are so many toxic players still roaming about. So instead of having 10-25 chat restrictions > 14 days ban > permanent ban. Why not increase it to 50-100 games chat restriction > 14 days ban > 3 month ban > permanent, or something like that. The 3 month ban will serve as a big wakeup call for many people, having a similar effect of a permanent, only this time those people will actually have a real chance to reform. They can play on their smurfs while they wait for their ban to be lifted, and they actually get a chance to improve their behavior on their smurf account. If I was toxic and were to be banned for 3months(or more) I would be really happy to get my account back after 3months. It makes you value your account more, and the chances that you reform is much bigger. A player getting "unjustified" permanently banned will probably just make a smurf account and become even more toxic as a way to avenge himself. He has nothing to lose at this point. The current gap between 14 days ban and permanent ban is too big, and at the same time it takes like nothing to get a permanent ban after you finish the 14 days ban. The current number of chat restriction is ridiculous. 10 chat restrictions. How is that even considered a punishment? You even get to type a few sentences every game when being chat restricted! The main reason I made this thread is because of the shocking quantity of players in my ranked games are still being toxic after getting 14 days ban(I know how to tell if they have been banned in the past. I actually check EVERY single player that flames in my games being enemy or ally, and many of them have gotten a 14 days ban, which makes me wonder "why the hell are you still flaming like crazy". If you like my idea please upvote.
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