Riot ignores inters and trolls. Prove me wrong.

Hullo everyone. Today my patience came to the brink. Riot policy towards people who intentionally feed or troll is disgusting. My prove? Those things happened to the players that I reported trough support ticket (it is worth mentioning, that I rarely send a support tickets with players behaviour, most of time I just report them in-game and carry on, those reported through tickets are the extreme cases, and till now there were less of them than number of fingers in one hand): Case 1: reported player (I provided the game replay file) played for many months after reporting, sadly I didn't describe his case in ticket - **Not Banned** Case 2: jungler decided not to play as one, he therefore run down bot, stole ADC farm, flamed, few times went AFK for few minutes, had not even a day break from the moment I reported him till today (it is more than half year already) - **Not Banned** Case 3: player didn't bought any items, went to his lane and died, then he went bot and died again (without buying any items), after this he admitted on chat to account sharing, didn't skip a day - **Not Banned** Case 4: player was just standing close to the middle of the lane, doing nothing until he got killed, then he ran back to the lane and repeated the same process, he still plays not skipping any days - **Not Banned** Case 5: most recent one that made me think that this is enough, and this game is more a gambling than a MOBA. Player refused to play as he wanted the team to lose. Everything happened when our support Fiddlestick said that he died because mentioned player didn't assist him. It leaded to the anger burst, and he stated that as long as Fiddlestick will not apologize, he will not play with us. Obviously he did that, he did not even left PC (at least not for too long), as he was complaining on chat. Guess what happened to him. - **Not Banned** I don't even care about people that are hard to say if they really troll or ... I mean, this laners that think that I didn't gank them enough, so they start following me in the jungle stealing every camp and taunting with emotes. But most of time I report it as negative behaviour, because there is no rule saying that laner can't take a jungle camps (even if his action were made purely just to not let me win). And for the answers that I will receive, that I could win even with feeders. Maybe you are right. This is probably a true, if I would be better than the division in which I am. But I am not. Winning 5 vs 5 is already really hard, having an extra obstacle makes it impossible to win. Just the fact that I am in the division which I deserve doesn't mean that I can have a shit games, and not enjoyable ones. Sincerely Yours, McGalakar
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