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so basically whenever I go to the boards, I see posts everywhere about people complaining about other people in the game, or about how riot handles these complaints/people. now I have a question for the community on here; **WOULD YOU CALL THIS COMMUNITY TOXIC, YES OR NO?** **IF YES, WOULD YOU CALL IT MORE TOXIC THAN OTHER GAMING COMMUNITIES, YES OR NO?** now to voice my own opinion: as a former almost-professional Call of Duty player, I think this community has as much a toxic community as any other community. it sometimes just shows more often as this game is team-oriented in contradiction to most other games, which make people think this game is ''overly toxic''. for example: in LoL, you might be able to not carry as a fed irelia vs an enemy team with 4 decent players who got ahead. in CoD; you can carry 1v6 if you are good enough. -2 totally different games I know, but the point here is the causeof negative thoughts.- in my experience -I can be wrong here- you are much rather to flame in a game where you are going well and cannot solo carry as you are team dependant, than in a game in which you can solo carry as there is barely any to non-teamplay needed to be able to win. now I know a lot of people dont want to hear this, but this game is by a long shot not really as toxic as they think it is. the thing which is kinda rare though is, that the developers of this game actually _try_ to do something about it. in 9/10 other gaming communities you can bet they don't do anything with reports. riot is atleast giving a try at fixing negative behaviour in their community. even though their system has some flaws, they still try. and I think that deserves some recognition. so come on people, start downvoting this thread as it is something you don't wanna read and realize, and continue posting uncalled negative comments!
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