This is why you get permabans these days

Game 1 JenShen: we got it late JenShen: muted JenShen: kai sa started with shild and still did more dmg than you JenShen: nope sehe knows how to play JenShen: unlike ashe JenShen: look at ashe items... JenShen: nope .. they just have adc JenShen: i cant do anything with this ashe lol JenShen: she eats tons of dmg JenShen: cant even farm JenShen: waht am i suppose to do JenShen: even nami does more dmg than ashe JenShen: with thoisi items JenShen: liss i didnt had ult earlyer i couldnt do much JenShen: cuz anami is ahead JenShen: hahahaha JenShen: hahahahah JenShen: u too JenShen: and she still has 87 farm JenShen: yup JenShen: cuz it's my fault ashe is trolling .. ofc JenShen: and lissandra you are toxic af JenShen: i did more than you this game so i odnt know JenShen: ashe is trolling not me so dont use bot lane in your writing JenShen: can you reprot lissandra for toxic flame pls JenShen: she thinks that she is not gold and she is better than everyone else JenShen: she is trolling JenShen: she was intentinally missing her skills JenShen: so i int cuz my adc troll JenShen: hahahahahahaha JenShen: i tried my best JenShen: and you flame me for no reasoon JenShen: you died 2 times less than me .. so you int to oright Long story-short After my 14day-ban i tried to mute like everyone that starts flaming me i said stuff like you are bad and so on, but i never used use like Canc*r or wishing death i even stopped using the word %%%%%% after i got ban for 14 day and on my way of reforming and trying to keep my shitts together and not talking i got perma banned , because our mid acuse me of inting and ashe was obviously trolling ( she repoted me aswall) so i got perma ban cuz stupid toxic moron and a troll they start flaming me since champ select for picking fiddle ( even then i explain them why i picked fiddle, because they had kai'sa and i told them kai'sa is adc taht uses her skills to do dmg so fiddle can work) and after our master yi tryed do gank and kai'sa got 3 kills the flame startedm as you can see i tried to keep my shit togetheri was pointning that ashe was trollin, but yeah riot doenst tolerate toxic people. ( this is the only game i see under my Permaban message) Every second game i got my games treathen , by yasuo irelia(after the rework) mains, after i ban these champs and yet i get the perma ban, most of the times if not all i am reported by those who actually trolls flames me and destroy my games. I guess how the IFS( instant feedback system) works, like you have 14 day ban then your account is watched closely and every reprot counts, even if these reprots are no real, but after 14 day ban if you got reproted by a stupid toxic mid lane and a troll adc .. you got the ban, i was trying to explain this to the suppors that i was trying to reform (even thou i mostly got reproted from trolls and flamers), but they dont give a shit either. and this is the story who 7-8 years old account got permabanned, cuz i am toxic as shitt right??? I just wanted to warn everyone, i know noone give a shitt why you get perma banned .. if the system say so it must be right ??? I can give screenshot to see how mu games go in champ select after i ban yasuo or irelia( after the rework) but i think we all know who that goes...... They really need to fix their system and actually look when someone is punished and for what.
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