Why does so many people "report call" and why does riot games not do ANYTHING about it

So I play an immense amount of games, I play everyday multiple times. And every single game there is always, always, ALWAYS someone who feels the need to spam the chat with "reprot X". And if you read the original summoners code, you would know that this is in fact punisheable, and can lead to chat restrictions etc. So what I don't understand is, why riot games doesn't follow up on it, why do they only do it in some cases, and doesn't do it in others? For me as a consumer, I feel completely dissapointed. It is especially a problem since this is accounts we are talking about, potentially REAL money that got invested in them as well. And I have invested a lot. So when someone calls out "report X" and actually try to persuade people into reporting a certain someone, that person has no chance to defend himself or do anything about it. If he starts defending himself, he will be punished because of riot games "silence placebo", the fact that anything you type in chat, can and will be used against you, no matter if it is toxic / non-toxic. If it is any way argumentative, it will get you restricted. So the situation becomes really unfair, because there might be one guy or multiple that keeps trying to get everyone to report you, and all you can do is sit and watch and hope that you don't get enough reports. Which is also a problem, since if you get enough reports you can actually get banned as well, no matter if you write in the chat or not. In the last 1000 games or so, I accidentally fell into a really bad place 1 game, where 4 premades were harassing and verbally assaulting me. I was playing Sion, and wanted to invade the enemy top lane buff, which is a common strategy, but for some reason my team did not like the fact that I did that, because I got caught and had to waste flash (I survived tho). After that they started hardcore flaming me, and started calling out "report Sion", "report Sion" and yeah, that tilted me a lot. Especially since my ENTIRE team went in on it (I presume they were 3 premades). But I got pushed over the edge, and called out report Syndra one time, because I had enough. After the game I got a chat restriction. That is 1 out of 1000 games, 2 words that I got punished for, which is insane, when you think of the fact that SO MANY people report calls CONSTANTLY. Take one of my friends for example. He is honor level 5. When I play with him, sometimes he will write "report X" in the chat, and I tell him not to do it, since it is punishable. He has done it a lot more times than I have, and plays a lot less than I do, but he is still honor level 5? How is that possible? And how is it possible that I constantly meet people who obviously doesn't have a chat restriction since they are able to spam the chat with "report me" or "report my teamate" on top of the usual "stfu" and other swear words they might have in their vocabulary. I feel that if someone gets restricted for saying "report x" then everyone who says "report x" should also get restricted, but for some reason, riot games just sees through the fingers with some people, while they only ban the ones, that are unlucky enough to end up with 4 premade people, who all decide to hate on you. But there is a way that riot games could actually follow through on their regulations. Writing "%%%" will actually automatically be picked up by the system, and will get you banned for 14 days, as long as you get a report. So why not do the same for "report calling" as well? Anyone who writes "report someone" will automatically suffer a chat restriction for 10 games. Should be easy right? And why stop there? They could also add in a lot of extra words like for example: "stfu", "trash", "noob", "easy", "ez", "%%%%%%" and so forth. That way they would REALLY cleanse the community a lot, and that way they would actually make some progress towards making League a lot more non-toxic. I don't know if my thoughts are any good, but man, I am just tired of some games being so bad, because of completely toxic people....
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