toxcity and chat restrictions (after a chat with what i assume is a GM?)

oke so admittetly i may have been toxic, and admittetly i am trying to reform :D but what i noticed from chat restriction is: a msg every 5 minutes, is just simply not enough for those that never got a chat restriction: you start with 3 msg, get another msg every 5 minutes, but never more then 5 maximum msges while i am not sore about the chat restriction (i was toxic and i got a chat restriction, thats just how it goes) i think that this system is equally punishing on the punished players team as it is on the punished player, and that shouldn't be the case so here is my idea on how too maybe change the system a little: start with 2 msges, cap at 2 msges and get a new msg every minute this way you can still chat to your allies when necessery but can't be a toxic jerk :D 2 things i'd like to make clear though: 1. idealy we should try not to be toxic in the first place. 2. league is a team game so when you get punished i think you should either get a temporary ban (a few hours, maybe days if you continue) or a less restrictive chat restriction
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