For all of those claiming that they got unfair banned....

At least, give us good explanations. As a good reason, that shows that you got really **UNFAIRLY** banned or penalized, or whatever else you got. It really hard to find such posts, since almost all of them is literally showing us the proofs of their ban/restrictions/suspended etc and saying it's **not** such bad thing or it's not that bad to get penalized, so I am curious! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I just couldn't keep it to myself. I'm sorry. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Edit: For all the haters: Toxicity, or toxic behavior, can be defined as actions that create a bad atmosphere for the other players in a game. This could be things such as feeding, or verbal abuse. --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- If you've played any competitive or normal team-based game you've probably experienced this behavior in one way or another.
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