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Hello guys. I've been playing league for 2 seasons now and in both seasons I got honor lvl 5 and didn't get any penalties. One week ago I was really frustrated with the game and my life in general (Exams, being away from my family while they needed me and losing my diamond promos for the 4th time I guess) and I called some inters in my games %%%%%%s and trash, I didn't say %%% or anything racist. What I did was bad and I deserve the chat restriction I received as a punishment, but does it really have to get my honor lvl to zero at the end of the season? Should I lose my whole year progress and efforts to improve at this game? This means that I won't have a border for my rank or the free skins. I don't really care about the skin but the border is a way of showing your friends and anyone that you improved or got a higher rank and I know I deserve to have it, and preventing me from getting it is totally unfair to me. Thank you for your time and sorry for my poor English.
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