I think Riot needs to implement some sort of "Minimal Skill cap" on champions for ranked.

Okay so this is something that has, to put it lightly, irritated me for the entirety of the time I've played this game. It's a problem that has plagued ranked and I'm 100% positive I'm not the only one who's had to put up with it and lost games because of it. People picking champions for ranked that they have no idea or little experience in how to play them. I've just gotten out of a game where it's happened yet again. Our top laner locked in Akali. In the loading screen he had no mastery of any sort. And, surprise surprise, despite the fact I'd gone top and killed his laner at level 3 and forced her to burn her flash and teleport, at the eight minute mark she had roughly 28 cs. I saw that and just knew going top again was a waste of time. Her turret went down first no surprise and she then put in all chat "Open top" And just ran about the map continuing to die and being more useful as a mobile ward than an actual champion. She just fed all game and was pretty much useless. Our midlane Ahri (No mastery) was little better and just dived in melee-form and died like a monkey every team fight, between our mid and top their only use was burning enemy abilities and summoners. The game was pretty much on myself on Xin and my botlane, Lulu and Ezreal. We won it in the end, but primarily because Ezreal and I were both quite strong and Lulu was good with her ults and peels. But at several points I seriously questioned if we would win it, just because the game was pretty much a 3v5 with two super minions following us. It's something that kind of worries me, loading into a game and I'm on one of my mains and nobody else on my team or maybe one of them has a mastery level on the champs they've picked. I would always think people go into ranked with the goal of playing on their best champs to give them the best chance of winning. I know autofill is a kick in the nuts a bit but the system has been out for donkeys now and folk have to accept that they're gonna have to play other roles than their beloved Garen top. It's seriously not hard, pick a couple of champs for whatever roles you don't play and put a bit of time into learning them, it might not be barrels of fun but if you want to climb ranked you have to try and learn a bit outside what you're used to. You don't have to be gods on the champs you learn but as long as you can hold your own and have a decent grasp on their mechanics you should be fine. The MAJORITY of the games I've played recently folk don't mind swapping roles and all to suit the team, ironically the game with the Akali and Ahri the Ahri was assigned jungle, I was assigned support, and our Lulu was assigned mid, so people can cooperate sometimes but you can't expect it every game. And before you ask, the Ahri asked for mid from our support and I just went jungle because the Lulu asked for support, and I can play any role to a decent standard so I wasn't bothered. And if you're autofilled on top or jungle or support, for the love of God don't pick a carry. Just don't, I half flipped my lid a couple of weeks ago at our toplaner because we already had Kha'zix in the jungle and I was on Talon mid and he picked Camille after telling us he was autofilled. Despite our Kha camping his lane and getting him THREE kills in the first ten minutes he still lost 1v1 to the enemy laner who was a level below him and a load of gold behind him. He didn't get any kills for the rest of the game and just fed. His answer at the end was "I told you I was autofilled" Being autofilled isn't an excuse for just feeding your ass off, everyone has crap games. But there's a big difference between a crap game on one of your mains, and a crap game because you have no experience on the champion you've picked. If I fall behind on Talon mid, I go and split, and bank on them sending someone stronger than me to halt my push. I also go and invade the enemy jungle, since I'm slippery enough to escape most champions in the game, and try and pick up a kill on a lone support, adc, or their jungler if it's something I can burst, and THAT'S how I get back into the game. This is what works for me, and it's helped me out more times than I can remember, and it's what I've learned from countless games on the champ and figuring out how to make him work if I have a bit of a tough time csing in laning. If you're autofilled and not confident on the role just pick something that's gonna give your teammates the best chance to carry for example. Top - Malphite, Shen, Maokai Jungle - Amumu, Rammus, Sejuani Mid - Annie, Galio, Karma Adc - Ashe, Sivir, Support - Duh. I know there would never be a perfect system for it, but I think if Riot somehow implemented some sort of tech that prevented you from picking champions that you didn't have at least mastery level 4 on then I would not feel like a game is going to be just an insane struggle when I see the loading screen. I know it would make swapping champions clunky and awkward, and I've not designed a perfect system in my head but it's honestly so frustrating losing games because somebody on your team has picked "The op of the month" which right now is Akali, and spends fourty minutes feeding their asses off, flaming the team because they're probably getting stick for picking a champion they don't know how to play in ranked, and just being pretty much useless. It just turns the game into a 4v5 because the guy learning the champ in ranked has far less of a grasp of their damage, combos, synergy in comparison with someone who's put countless hours into learning and mastering a champion.
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