Someone added me post game, entirely just to apologise for very minimal flame.

Everybody has flamed at some point, anyone saying they haven't is lying. Was playing ranked with a premade, it was a stomp to begin with, however due to composition we began to lose later into the match. Our ADC (Xayah) was evidently troubled by the fact we were losing and began to say "free win to a loss" and things of that sort. In my 4 seasons of league, that's not exactly the worst thing I've ever heard, however I can imagine how that could have been tilting for the others. We picked up the end and managed to win, ADC then began to apologise, saying she/he was frustrated with the potential for a throw. Won the game, moved on. However, after I had played another match the ADC had added me with the sole purpose just to apologise for their behaviour. It was such a good feeling to finally see somebody in an often toxic community, that was prepared to apologise to someone they had never met and just to wish them a good day on top of that. It's rare and it worth celebrating to me. I don't know whether that's a normal thing for other people, but i've never done it and it's never happened to me before. Riot, if anyone deserves a cookie for turning around negative behaviour, it's this player:
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