Question about my behavior.

So I clans and such lately and apparently my opinion is completely illegal within being honest. I'm always someone who likes being honest but when I get totally kicked out for stating my opinion and normal behavior without acting unrespectful is completely wrong in my opinion. Many of you that reads this forum, probobly already know that I have a pretty sadistic behavior and often can't stop myself from saying things like "If you wanna kill someone, do it yourself" as in if someone want to say the phrase "Kill yourself" You shouldn't say this phrase but if you want to kill someone who should do it yourself instead of doing suicide. Now I'm very sorry if you misunderstand what I'm talking about but that sentence is one of my favorites and it has multiple meanings even through many people see it as "YOU WANT ME TO MURDER HIM? DUDE SHUT IT" But that's what those with no intelligence think. I know it's all about opinion, and I know it's about discussion here and that threats and violence within the board is against the rules, and I follow those rules exactly as I am meant to, it's just that some people think the wrong way of making discussions with me. Now there's a whole lot probobly saying "WTH YOU ARE A SADISTIC PERSON? WTF YEW STUPID" Those people are those who should be banned or put against, not the one opening up and sharing their behavior towards people. If Im angry and write a post about being angry, people don't ban me cause Im angry, they try to calm me down, and if I'm trying to be kind no one is gonna ban me for being kind. Like It's seriously is getting to my head that I'm actually hated cause I have a behavior I was grown up with that ain't allowed. Now many people probobly know what sadistic people like me are, around 70% of those who are sadistic are murderers, psychos and mentally instable. But there's people like me and my friend who also is a sadistic guy that only show our super harsh behavior when we are together. Even my cousin is a Nazi, but he never shows any hate against hate towards other races when we have guests, he only keep his calm and talk normally or mostly try to avoid them by not talking to them. Now if he were to voice his opinion he would probobly go to jail, but that if he voices his honesty that he is a Nazi believer he will still get put to jail and hated the rest of his life, even through all he did was stating his behavior and not actually stating his actual voice towards people. The rules are weird in my opinion. I'm pretty sure this is useless to really voice, but I think people should start to understand that just cause you have a religion, a behavior diffreant from everyone else or a way of thinking that are usually ends up mentally wrong. Just cause you are honest with it doesn't mean everyone should hate you forever. If you happen to disrespect the rules that's when you get put in jail/kicked out, not when you happen to voice your behavior and want people to dislike my behavior to not talk to me in the case. I'm a sadistic person, named Simon. I always follow the rules except when I'm in a private room together with my friends, I'm always honest and a very respectful guy towards people who speak. **If you wish to voice your opinion which goes against everything and I should get banned. ** _Moderators please ban that guy for harassment for me thank you very much. _
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