When being positive does not cut it anymore...

Hi there. I played 3 games today and i am NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOTHAPPY!!! >:c In every game i played there were a minimum of 3 people that spammed the chat with reports. I am honestly really not in a good mood after these few games. I tried to calm everyone down but they either ignored me or turned their bullshit towards me. I honestly do not understand. Is it appropriate to call someone going 0/3 at 10 minutes a %%%%%%ed idiot? I read the rules when i registered and i don't remember there being anything about it being OK to be an asshole. Worst part about it was the last game. I went mid for the first time in forever and tried out Viktor in the free rotation. I never played this guy before and he looked like fun so i picked him. And i was against a Yasuo who spammed a purple symbol above his head, easily killed me 3 times and then proceeded to call me names every time he died. I am honestly considering that i'll just stop playing for another month or two again, but i'm like 10 IP away from a champ i really wanted to buy... guess i'll just hit beginner bots to get the 10 IP. But i swear if people will flame in that mode too i'm done with this game. --- The game is really fun, but the people playing it can get really frustrating to deal with...

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