Just been called a racist for calling 2 Spanish players 'Spaniards'

So, basically, I played this ranked game right now and our top and jungle were a Spanish premade. Not only did they suck, they were toxic af. They were complaining about our support (whom ended the game at 4/4/23 with Sona) and I, whom was playing with Anivia in mid (13/7/5). Their combined scores were 8/19, and neither of them had a positive KDA so yeah, we were basically carrying them from mid and botlane. Thing is one of them (toplane) was Silver 2 and the jungler was Gold 1, so I guess he was trying to boost his friend a bit, which is absolutely fine. What's not fine, however, is to let the Silver 2 guy make calls and follow them. And it's not okay to fail hard at whatever they were trying to do and then blame our support (even if she was still botlane with her adc) because 'she had taken kills'. At some point I said something like 'Idk why but most Spaniards I've seen in this elo complain about their teammates without realizing their own mistakes', and they both jumped on me saying I was a racist. Not for generalizing with an ethnic group (Idk if you can really call Spaniards and ethnic group but you get the idea), even if I obviously meant no harm in that sense, but for calling them 'Spaniards'. I was like, you do know we call 'Spanish' the language and 'Spaniards' people living in Spain, right? Then they started insulting me saying I was lying or something, and asked for me to get reported for racism. I reported them both for Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Verbal Abuse (they were flaming everyone hard, went as far as calling the rest of our team retards) and moved on. However, I find it so funny when people are so blatantly ignorant and toxic, not that it's not usually interconnected, but it's still funny. Mad because bad&Mad because stoopeed inc.
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