I've reported over 200 players in the past month, where is the IFS?

The reports were generally made for flamers, some of them really extreme (slurs etc), others were just continuous trashtalking and whatnot. * Should i believe none of those got punished? * Should i believe they were at their first offense? * Should i believe im not getting any IFS notifications just to "avoid being spammed"? How's no notification for 1.5 months preventing me in any way of being spammed? Spammed by what more exactly, because when there's worlds, i'm constantly getting spammed by things i don't care about, but i guess it's convenient. If im having people that constantly pour garbage out of their mouths, the least i want is some consolation which comes from the IFS. Advising me to mute them? Sure, not a problem, but that doesn't change the fact they've already ruined my mood, and it definitely won't guarantee they will get punished, AND LASTLY IT WON'T EVEN GUARANTEE THAT I WILL EVER KNOW THEY WILL GET PUNISHED FOR OBVIOUS RULES BREAKING. So there you have it.
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