What I Have Learned From Climbing

At the moment, I'm at a decent spot, 18% of the top, my highest position of all time, Gold 1, maybe about to be Platinum. Along the way, a lot of frustration came into play. This is crucial to be managed. Nothing else will stop you from climbing like frustration. I have said this on many board posts at *Player Behaviour* when people get mad and tilted after their games. There is one simple fix to this: take a break. I have never seen at this point of anyone really paying attention to this tip, but it has really helped me climb. I **never** play another game after just losing one, but rather call it a day, and maybe go back to climbing the next day, or in a couple of days. The only exception is if you're in a good mood, and you don't think about the previous game. There are moments where playing the game just is painful to look at, the feeling where your performance is **consistent, but you team is holding you down**. We have all been there, and it's not only you that feels that way, even though you might feel that you are prone to getting the 'worse team'. These games are exactly those that you have to take a break after, and do something more enjoyable. Another thing, if you're a student, and you want to play league, but have planned to study right after, I recommend **you don't do that, skip league for that day**. The last thing I want, and so do you, is for league to affect your performance at school as well, and I can't tell how many times I've lost interest in studying, all because I had a bad game. There is a 50/50 chance that you will leave that game is a good mood, and it's not worth the risk. From the gameplay side, one thing I learned is to stick to the champion that you enjoy, and know how to play the most. I can't even tell how many OTP's (I wasn't familiar with OTP's before until getting into high Gold, then there were plenty of them) I have played against, and a whole variety, Katarina, Zoe, Yasuo, Veigar, Zed; those are just the more popular ones. I recommend that you *not necessarily stick to only one single champion*, but chose a champion that is your go-to. My mistake was not playing Vel'Koz for the majority (based on my profile you might think it's Yasuo but I think I played him once or twice this past season :p ) even though I have the most *knowledge* with him. What I mean by that, is the match-up knowledge, what runes to take, what fights are favourable for you, itemization, wave control, priority, roaming, etc. The skill that I acquired on Vel'Koz isn't the only important factor that plays in climbing, but rather how to behave in lane. I might or might have not chosen the Council house :) Anyways, I hope you learned something from this post, or would like to share your experience in the comments below. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}

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