"GG WP", "Open mid", "this is lost" ~min 3:30

Hey guys, I have been spamming SoloQ the last few days, and in a lot of games (Diamond III elo) if the team is behind 0 - 2 at 3 minutes cause of a botlane doublekill or something there seriously are people who say that this game is lost already and that they want to open mid. Surrender votes instantly pop up when the opponents killed baron in a before even game. I'm not one of those guys who never surrender, if the team is 0 - 30, then yeah I will surrender, but just because we are 8 - 15 or something similar I'm not going to open mid, like wtf guys!? What is the attitude of those people? You go in a game and if you don't get a lead in the first few minutes, you might aswell surrender? If you dont want to fight for a game, go play ARAM or if you have to, play normal games. For me rankeds are something I will always try to win until the game really is hopelessly lost, or the nexus goes down. And if I'm at 0 - 5 on my toplane because I'm just playing garbage that game, well I'm still trying to do my best in the rest of the game, to stop feeding, and just work together to maybe still win it. Why do you play ranked if you are not willing to do that. There are people going afk when their adc died twice in lane. Yesterday I had someone saying: "I think I'm going to go off in the third game in a row". WTF!? If you are not in the mood dont play LoL, you dont go into a golf game (whatever sport) and go like: "Yeah, I really dont care about this, if I don't manage to One-in-hole the first 3 shots I will just leave." Guys, get up your attitudes and most importantly as soon as someone starts with saying negative things, mute them instantly, dont let them take you down and DON'T FLAME YOURSELF. Had to let a bit of steam off, this is just so annoying. GL HF ;) Hoppelfisch
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