I would like to say sorry.

EDIT: Fixed formatting issues Recently it has come to my attention that the way I play when I'm in a 5 man is not an acceptable way to play with strangers in solo-queue. I'm very used to swearing at my (premade) teammates, using homophobic slurs, all sorts of behaviour. I have allowed this to carry into my normal play, or play with non-premade players, as well as into all-chat. It's perfectly acceptable for me to do these things to my friends. They do them back to me, and we all have a fun time. When I allow this behaviour to spill out infront of players who haven't consented to it, the players who see this behaviour as unwanted as they _are not_ my friend who makes these jokes back to me, it can cause distress and hurt. I've been playing this game since Season 2. During this time, I've flamed, sworn, used racially and sexually inappropriate comments, and had fun with my **premade** friends doing it. In a recent game I said three particularly upsetting things. Presumably somebody took offence and I was reported, as I logged in today to find a 14-day ban placed on my account. In this game, our support had taken red buff from our jungler and gone AFK. Our ADC lost first tower by 8 minutes, as he was 1v2, and their jungler spent all game abusing our low-level, red-buffless Yi, and ramming my ass in midlane. A note is that this was a normal game and I was playing Vi mid. The game started off fairly fun. Here's an exerpt from the chat logs: (Start of game due to me playing Vi mid) A Wild Umbreon: This is gonna work A Wild Umbreon: or it isnt. (Something happened in lane, I think I did 80% of Syndra's HP with my Q) A Wild Umbreon: /all LUL (Me at 3 minutes failing to type /remake) (For some reason remake wasn't available) A Wild Umbreon: remake (I ran under tower and traded kills with Syndra, J4 dubstep smited me and stole it from Syndra) A Wild Umbreon: /all LUL A Wild Umbreon: /all If you ignited me I would've died At this point I realised Zyra wasn't coming back, and I was getting frustrated with the repeat ganks midlane against a Vi mid by their jungler and support. A Wild Umbreon: /all Zyra took red and went afk lul A Wild Umbreon: /all Not even exagerating is the sad part :/ This is the point where I'm ashamed of myself. I've removed the swears to prevent the auto-mod on the boards from banning me. I'm sure you can figure out what was being said. A Wild Umbreon: /all Do you want to not tryhard in a 4v5 normal game against Vi mid? A Wild Umbreon: /all !$%ing f@&s lmao (I replied to teammate about something) A Wild Umbreon: yup A Wild Umbreon: /all ur f@&s (5 people were mid) A Wild Umbreon: /all You were thirsty A Wild Umbreon: are you kidding A Wild Umbreon: R went off CD in a second A Wild Umbreon: /all Jhin has DC (End of game) A Wild Umbreon: /all !£$% you. I'm bummed out that I wont be getting a victorious skin at the end of the season on this account. I'm bummed out that I can't play League for two weeks (I'm not going to use my smurf accounts during this time either). It's frustrating that out of thousands of games where I swear and joke, it's the one that I said three things that got me 'caught'. I'm bummed that I wont be able to play URF again for 6 months. The really frustrating part is that I've let myself down. I really pride myself on trying to be a good person, but it's clear I've failed in this situation. To sort this problem after my ban ends, I'm going to disable all chat and focus more on the game than chat box. On the off-chance that anyone who was with me in that game reads this, I am sorry. I don't want to be part of the problem. I hope you can forgive, although honestly by now I expect they've forgotten all about that match. Apologies and regards, A Wild Umbreon
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