Roast my perma.

Game 1 ianFarrell: no shit ianFarrell: knew i should have dodged this ianFarrell: gg then ianFarrell: ff at 15 ianFarrell: so %%%%ing awful ianFarrell: open mid? ianFarrell: you can play under turret ianFarrell: your still pushing in lane ianFarrell: stfu your muted now ianFarrell: if we dont ff 15 im afk ianFarrell: not being an ass just not wasting more time ianFarrell: 1 min ianFarrell: if we dont ff ye ianFarrell: hook or sth ffs ianFarrell: under turret ianFarrell: used 2 %%%%ing hooks all game ianFarrell: rofl ianFarrell: cya ianFarrell: gkl ianFarrell: gl ianFarrell: they end anyway ianFarrell: just report this top ianFarrell: hes obviously %%%%ing trolling ianFarrell: cmon guys ianFarrell: we got this ianFarrell: really blaming kayn? ianFarrell: i know he wasnt good ianFarrell: but how can you blame anyone except heimer? ianFarrell: he literally solo lost the game in 8 minutes ianFarrell: yeah that lost the game also ianFarrell: nothing to do with the 0/9 heimer ianFarrell: because we died bot all game ianFarrell: stfu ianFarrell: we cant do stuff ianFarrell: cause irelia can 1v3 us ianFarrell: ally your doing is talkking shit ianFarrell: rofl ianFarrell: yeah me placing 1 ward lost the game xD ianFarrell: that ire cant 1v4 Game 2 ianFarrell: dont go on thresh wtf ianFarrell: ffs ianFarrell: ???? ianFarrell: are you trolling? ianFarrell: thats d ianFarrell: she has ie ianFarrell: ,lost in champion selection ianFarrell: i was almost dead? ianFarrell: you see rengo right? ianFarrell: stfu ianFarrell: %%%%ing more useless picks ianFarrell: fp kata into team with0 cc ianFarrell: bad engage and no wave clear what do we do lol ianFarrell: we need to try pick one ianFarrell: really? ianFarrell: your pick is the %%%%ing most awful kata ianFarrell: we clearly need cc mage ianFarrell: not a %%%%ing assassin ianFarrell: our team comp is %%%%ing awful for kata ianFarrell: but you fp kata so ye that says it all ianFarrell: selfish noob ianFarrell: LOL ianFarrell: stfu ianFarrell: pinging nash ianFarrell: they will end ianFarrell: oh damn ianFarrell: %%%%ing noob picks ianFarrell: we cant %%%%ing defend ianFarrell: feel bad for the teemo tbh] ianFarrell: he trying to carry ianFarrell: ^^ ianFarrell: nah that was mine but i couldnt give a shit ianFarrell: you are shitty premade I post a lot on peoples perma banned posts, so I thought I would put mine up. Ill give the details even though some will just see me guilty as sin anyway lol. Chat log 2 is played directly after the first game where my heimer top was just inting all game(probably no punishment for him) I then stupidly played another game extremely tilted were our kata mid blamed everyone lane except her for getting stomped and again super tilted from the game before I explain why I think she lost lol. I know its negative to say ill afk even though I didn't or ever do. I play every game too win and sometimes frustration comes out the wrong way. I think permas in this context are way too harsh but tbh mines looks like it came from satans mouth himself compared to some of the permas ive seen the last couple of days on here, some should be no punishment at all let alone a perma. I will say I'm using the word %%%% or %%%%ing far too much but that's IRL too I'm Scottish ffs, I cant help it ><. Joking obviously. Just like that 8+ years a beta account, every champion, probably over 5000 ranked games played, over 120 skins, GONE just like that lol. NO one needs to explain that's my fault I get that or time and money don't come into it, I know that too. As I said an account 8+ years old, I know for a fact when I got my first punishments I was certainly more toxic but they were literally years ago, I would like to think that I have grew and matured as a person also. I did get my 14 day suspension at the end of last year though. I see a lot of people mention the failed experiment on the permad accounts, so because of ONE failed experiment with one group everyone else is categorized the same? Riot obviously though it was a good idea to get people there acconts back at one point so why is just a complete no no now? I'll add I'm still playing league, but I just pretty much ignore everyone and barely speak at all now, it feels the safest route tbh as any form of chat can trigger or tilt anyone and devolve the game into chaos.
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