I'm unsure about this automated ban and would love if someone looked into this.

First of all I understand, that revoking bans is not something that happens alot. That being said I would really want some uh **human ** to look into this, because in the game the automated report system thingy banned me for I can't really seem to find anything worthy of a ban. There's no direct insulting, no obvious attempts to flame or tilt someone, hell, I didn't even spam someone with the Questionmark ping. If this is actually banworthy and enough to get me permanently banned then please at least tell me the reason for that. Thanks in advance... Game 1 Bert122: its not christmas, the holiday of love, yet. %%% _ - All chatted as a response to "Merry Christmas" all of them understood it was an obvious joke and answered accordingly_ Bert122: sometimes i wonder why i got a 14 day ban for saying %%%, this is too much fun _- All chatted, probably not nessecary but nothing worth banning me for just because i said 'Hey i was banned before'_ Bert122: rito pls Bert122: you scared me D: Bert122: *spams mastery 7* _ - Meme: I played Malzahar_ Bert122: %%%% Bert122: you didnt go for full stacks you cheeky motherufcker Bert122: eve chasing under inhib instead of taking the easy kill :/ _ - Mild annoyance, however she also answered ":/" and obviously unserstood that this was nothing really_ Bert122: please focus the enemy i outplay _ - Meme: I played Malzahar_ Bert122: *spams mastery 7* _ - Meme: I played Malzahar_ Bert122: :c Bert122: reeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bert122: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Bert122: MY EYES Bert122: REEEEE _ - Teamchatting over the enemy Threshes build as me and my premade were Thresh Mains, not really offensive, just strong opinions : ^)_ Bert122: i feel kinda ignored Bert122: are you ok thresh? _ - Friendly banter with the enemy Thresh, who failed a miserable flash hook and all chatted XD after that_ Bert122: are you okay eve= _ - Followup meme to my eve_ Bert122: morde _ - And morde_ Bert122: what is happening Bert122: what afuzcking buiild _ - still teamchatting about thresh_ Bert122: whats his elo Bert122: ah Bert122: ok Bert122: well then Bert122: qss LUL Bert122: malz is a burst mage : ^) Bert122: XD Bert122: lmao Bert122: why in the %%%%ing heavens name Bert122: would all of you atasck drake _- all of you being mostly my premade _ Bert122: with a literal full lethality sion tping into our face Bert122: :O _- still not seriously flaming though, so I thought I'd soften the mood with this one : ^)_ Bert122: gg Bert122: guess we lose cause Bert122: uh Bert122: yea why not Bert122: I want to die _- Just the Story of my life, but that's not important right here ^^_ Yea, sorry for the wall of text I guess ¯\_(惄)_/¯ Please don't take league from me, at least not for no comprehensible reason.
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