Wild idea: No-one should be banned from game for flame, chat ban is enough.

Now let us reason. Simple question: What does in game ban in regards to chat flame accomplishes what permanent chat restriction doesn't? In my eyes it's just needless excess of force used which doesn't give any benefit what so ever. Please answer this question without invoking some barbaric thrist for retribution or punishment. We are not tribal stone age people. We care about prevention, obviously. In game bans seem to be valid when player in question repeatedly screws with other people game, like intentionally feeds, takes smite and pretends to be 2nd jungler shadowing some players movements nasty stuff like that, goes afk on his own will and so. So what you think? Please answer my first question before putting out thought, because otherwise you'll be missing the point. p.s and before someone thinkis within lines of "u get banned u just want to excuse yourself" .. no in fact I haven't been sanctioned in game at all.
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